STAR WARS™ 2017 Aliens & Creatures Official FULL Stamp Sheet of 48
$ 75.00

Favored by discerning collectors, this hard-to-acquire Aliens & Creatures Official FULL Stamp Sheet of 48 is straight off of Royal Mail's printing presses and includes the selvage, with all the printer's marks including the plate position.

Meticulously illustrated by UK digital artist Malcolm Tween, each of these Official Postage Stamps of the United Kingdom depicts not only the main featured character, but also a secondary character, as well as key STAR WARS ships and locations. This Full Sheet includes 12 of each stamp, for a total of 48 stamps.

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THE STAMPS (12 of each):

Locations: Takodana / Maz's castle exterior 
Ships: Kylo Ren's command shuttle / First Order TIE fighters 
Secondary character: HURID-32 

Location: Starkiller Base 
Ship: Millennium Falcon 
Secondary character: Chewbacca 

Location: Find out in the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
Ships: Star Destroyer / First Order TIE fighters 
Secondary character: Praetorian Guard

Location: Ahch-To 
Ship: Millennium Falcon 
Secondary characters: Beaks